Beaman Group
Branding, Corporate Stationery, Social Media Management and Promotional Videos.

The project for Beaman Group begins with the design of an identifier that encompasses all the brands of the parent company.

Starting with the official Beaman logo, the image is merged with each of the logos of the allied brands, Toyota, Ford, Buick and GMC. 

Based on this corporate image concept, we design artwork for printed advertising, such as flyers, banners and business cards.

Social Media Management

Objectives Established and Value Content.

This project has also included the management of social networks for the official accounts of each brand, in addition to the creation of accounts aimed at the Hispanic public with content of interest, advice and commercial videos that promote the services and advantages of purchasing a vehicle at a BEAMAN dealership. 

Value Content

Focused on target audience.

Commercial Videos

High impact with defined objectives.


On-site photo sessions.


Beaman Group