Camino Viejo Restaurant

Camino Viejo
Full Menu and TO-GO Design

Full menu and to-go menu design for Camino Viejo. Restaurant dedicated to traditional Mexican cuisine located in Nashville, Tennessee. 

This project is developed based on corporate colors, typical Mexican elements and real photos of each plate, resulting in a colorful menu, playing with images and typographies to achieve dynamism and graphic impact to the viewer.

Print Media Design

This menu has been designed to be used in a menu holder.


A restaurant menu is the first contact between restaurant-customer.

To accomplish this project, we have a process divided into phases that gives rise to an optimal and satisfactory result. 

Collect Information

The customer must provide digitally the content of the menu.

Photo Shoot

If you do not have print quality photos of your products, we can provide a photo shoot service.

First design presentation

After obtaining the information and images, the design is proposed.

Digital artwork approval

Once the design is finished, the client must approve all the content in digital form.

Approval of printed sample

A sample of the complete menu is printed for approval by the client.

Final artwork printing

The entire menu is printed

Camino Viejo Restaurant.

Camino Viejo Restaurant