Taquería El Sol

Taquería El Sol
Menu, Flyer and Table Display Design
Gigantography and Print Media Design

Menu Design

This menu design is developed in horizontal format on vinyl to be placed in the premises of the store.

It is a menu focused on La Taqueria El Sol's Seafood specials. 

The concept begins with a color palette that evokes a marine style, supported by elements such as ropes, curves and illustrations of waves accompanied by photos of each of the plates that make up the menu.

Art Show

Currency Horizontal

Seafood Plates Specials

Print Media

Table Display Design

Following the marine style that was used for the menu, it is adapted to display format by adding drink specials under the same design concept.

Informative Flyer Design

Designed under a concept of lettering and traditional Mexican style.

Photography Service
Graphic Design
Printing Arts

Taquería El Sol